Our unique Devised Theatre Workshop offers dynamic and multidisciplinary masterclasses (For both beginners and experienced actors; Aged 13 and above). It will run this May 20 to 29, 2017.


A good performance is not a mere ingredient to a narrative. Rather, it is the synthesis of effective collaboration, experimentation and different story elements. The Devised Theatre Workshop is an undertaking where both new and experienced actors can explore the craft and develop their own distinctive approach. As defined by international television and theatre creatives who engage in this process, it is a form of theatre where the script is written based on intensive improv sessions among actors and creators of the play/show. This collaborative and improvisatory environment shapes the actors’ creative impulses, and their ability to give and receive energies from their scene partners.

To ensure this development within actors, acclaimed creatives shall facilitate the following classes: Creative Movement, Contact Improvisation, Improvisation Theatre (Short and Long Form), Viewpoints for Performance, and Writing. These disciplines reinforce each other, and are essential in every performer’s skill set. During and after training in these, participants will work with writer-directors in bringing devised material to life.

SPECIAL FEATURES: You will emerge from this workshop not only with substantial training, but also with new head shots, production credits as both actor and writer, and performances’ video documentation. You can add these to your portfolio and reel. There will also be a special lecture on INDUSTRY ESSENTIALS to help you navigate your way better in the world of performing arts.

The mentors are homegrown artists who have developed their dexterity through various productions and performances. Many of which have earned them awards and recognition here and abroad. Classes are intensive and each of the 10 days run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. In case you can’t attend all classes, we’re offering classes priced individually:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.18.56 PM

You may choose to pay in installments (20% Downpayment to confirm slot, 50% First day of class, 30% Last Day of class)

See you! For inquiries and signing up, contact: +639952315852 (Globe)/ +639089627031 (Smart). You may also fill up the form below the video.



    1. Hello, Camille! Some time in August! Would love to have you as a student. We’re surveying availability of most potential students. Will you be available for an intensive one-week training or 3 to 4 times a week classes? 🙂 For those who go to work or school, how do performing arts evenings sound?


Please direct inquiries to mobile phone: +639089627031

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