Our Approach

PROGRAMS: Acting, filmmaking, theater production, improv theatre, devised theatre, dance, music, visual arts, writing – Our programs encourage students to explore without the fear of being wrong, and to develop their own approach. These are closely tied to philosophical themes. The programs culminate in collaborations that are showcased at our partner venues. Check out our latest one of a kind program, which will happen this May: Devised Theatre Workshop


We offer truly holistic programs and employ the disciplines that reinforce storytelling and the study of human nature. A craft is not merely a means of self-expression, but it is primarily a form of human exploration. Performance Lab integrates each masterclass/program with complementary disciplines and forms of storytelling. For instance, an Acting Masterclass will mostly consist of the core acting exercises, but may also be facilitated along with dance theatre, improv theatre, spoken word poetry and scriptwriting. A Dance Masterclass may be complemented with musical theatre, yoga, and improvisation, while a Photography Masterclass may include a session or two about expressionist paintings, and visual aesthetics. Each discipline is instrumental in the development of every artist’s own distinctive approach.


Long-term Masterclasses are facilitated along with humanities subjects that help in the development of the artist’s perspective. These may include discussions on philosophical, theological and historical themes of literary texts, paintings, films and plays.

Nature vs. Nurture

Natural talent is a strong preference in the industry. Some would even go so far as to say that in drama, “you’ve either got it, or you don’t.” However, the apparent transition of artists from unremarkable novices to celebrated masters have proven that there’s more to talent than genetic lottery. Performance is not something that unfolds in a vacuum. A good performance is not a mere ingredient to a narrative. Rather it is the synthesis of effective collaboration, experimentation, understanding of human nature, and application of different story elements. Performance Lab is an undertaking where the artists can explore their craft and develop their own distinctive approach. We believe that different forms and elements of storytelling is instrumental in this development. The masterclass series aims to allow the different forms of storytelling to shape the  unique approach, and to open participants to the infinite possibilities of storytelling, and allow its different forms to shape their unique approach to their respective crafts.


Please direct inquiries to mobile phone: +639089627031

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